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Aeroplane (1987) Dom Bartwuchs (1989) Robot Records / Siren Records (2001)

A fitting beginning for the first post of a new blog about exceptional music. Originally released on cassette in 1987, David Jackman‘s Organum persona surfaced beautifully with Ikon, a brief and fleeting moment in musical history that thankfully was re-released several times and is still in print on cd through Robot Records / Siren Records.

An EP consisting of 5 tracks, these gems are like ancient glimmers in time, when the world was a much different place. Like a voyeur eyeing small scenes of someone’s life,  long ago. Or the memories suddenly remembered of an earthly soul who lived millennia past, standing on a desolate shore.

In an instant.

As a cloud slowly passes the sun and emerges unscathed on the other side.


Sound sources are varied from bowed & struck metals, wooden flutes and vocal chants producing a combination of psychoacoustic drones and melodies. More akin to traditional devotional music than any sort of genre popular today. To make music that transports the listener to another time, another place is genius, extremely rare and when it does happen, the listener can do nothing other than to embrace it and be there with the artist as well. This is a final result in music production that largely goes unnoticed by the general listening public, but this is the true nature of real art in music. Where the artistic process is only meant for the few that are actually sensitive enough to embrace it.

Erroneously grouped into the Industrial genre, the work of Organum defies traditional categorizing and consequently has gone largely unnoticed since the 1980’s exactly because it has been identified with the Industrial genre, which couldn’t be farther from the truth, and subsequently lost within it. I find Ikon as the pinnacle of Jackman’s long and prolific discography and always fills me with its strength and beauty every time I listen to it. A rare treat and eternally recommended.

track order:


Great Light


The Slaughter


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The Dom Bartwuchs release of 1989 came in two versions, a single 12″ consisting of the same tracks and also as a 2 x 12″ with the track Sol Mara taking one side of the extra 12″. Sol Mara was later released separately with additional tracks on Robot Records / Die Stadt.