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This month’s disparate binge listening, a brief list without individual reviews this time. Every one an excellent listen in their respective genres.

Most are readily available (check the included links for various formats and sound samples) except for Chick Corea’s Inner Space, it being a compilation of recordings originally recorded in 1966 & 1968, which is long out of print on vinyl but there are a few CD reissues available. I doubt not too many Chick Corea fans actually have this one or even heard anything from it but it’s been my long time absolute favorite of his since I first bought it in the 70’s. I would suggest tracking down a vinyl copy with its gatefold sleeve for maximum joy.

Raising Holy Sparks Old Times & End Times is out of print on cassette and is only available from Bandcamp in all download formats, this release deserves a proper release on CD but I doubt that will happen now in today’s independent music environment. I hope someone will prove me wrong.

The latest from Stephan Micus called Nomad Songs is like a dear friend when you need one the most. Beautiful, deep recording and probably my favorite of all of his many wonderful works. I think I’ve been listening to this daily for about two months now with no end in site.

If you can afford the half speed remaster double LP spun at 45rpm for Jackie McLean’s New Soil through Blue Note’s Analog Productions reissue series please do so. You can probably find one on ebay or Discog’s for about $50.00, essential listening.

Thad Jones & Mel Lewis’ Consummation is great to revisit in this age of renewed interest in 1970’s sounding big bands. Most of the new bands around today trying to do this style leave you rather cold after 10 minutes or so, so it’s nice to hear this classic from 1970. The first side alone could teach a few young jazz musicians of today a lesson or two.

Richard Young’s new one Inside The Future dropped out of nowhere (as all of his do!) and just by chance heard about it, checked it out and bought it immediately. Wonderful record more like his older stuff.

The latest from Norwegian drummer Thomas Strønen and his project Food is definitely his strongest work to date, his hybrid acoustic and electronic drum setup at the forefront on this disc, highly recommended.

Interesting new psycho-acoustic work from Elio Martusciello & Fabrizio Casti called Chamber Rites on Die Schachtel got my attention.

Of course Bowie’s Heroes and Iggy’s The Idiot need no introduction. Nice to revisit them both at the same time, just like when they were first released in ’77 not too far apart from one another as is the choice now, they work well together for obvious reasons, not to mention the Erich Heckel’s Roquairol inspiration here. All aboard for FUNTIME!




Stephan Micus – Nomad Songs – ECM (2015)



Raising Holy Sparks – Old Times & End Times – Sloow Tapes (2015)



Food & Iain Bellamy – This Is Not A Miracle – ECM (2015)



David Bowie – Heroes – RCA (1977)



Iggy Pop – The Idiot – RCA (1977)



Jackie McLean – New Soil – Blue Note (1959)



Chick Corea – Inner Space – Atlantic (1973)



Thad Jones & Mel Lewis – Consummation – Blue Note (1970)



Richard Youngs – Inside The Future – Glass Redux (2016)



Elio Martusciello, Fabrizio Casti – Chamber Rites – Die Schachtel  (2015)






1. Intro

2. tunique du mort.
by Birds Through Fire

3. Pod Jezem
by Vladimír Václavek

4. Winistre
by United Bible Studies

5. Spiegel Im Spiegel
by Qluster

6. So Much What
by David Torn

7. On Any Day
by Andrew Chalk

8. 54
by Luigi Archetti

9. Talk

10. Serenity
by ICE performs Anna Thorvaldsdottir

11. Eternal Wisdom
by Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà

12. Looking Toward Hope
by John Luther Adams

13. Dal margine
by Osvaldo Coluccino

14. Ligatura – message to Frances-Marie op. 31b
by Manuel Zurria

15. Once More In The Fortress
by Michael Begg | Human Greed

16. Clockworking
by Nordic Affect

17. Talk / outro

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