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1. Intro

2. tunique du mort.
by Birds Through Fire

3. Pod Jezem
by Vladimír Václavek

4. Winistre
by United Bible Studies

5. Spiegel Im Spiegel
by Qluster

6. So Much What
by David Torn

7. On Any Day
by Andrew Chalk

8. 54
by Luigi Archetti

9. Talk

10. Serenity
by ICE performs Anna Thorvaldsdottir

11. Eternal Wisdom
by Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà

12. Looking Toward Hope
by John Luther Adams

13. Dal margine
by Osvaldo Coluccino

14. Ligatura – message to Frances-Marie op. 31b
by Manuel Zurria

15. Once More In The Fortress
by Michael Begg | Human Greed

16. Clockworking
by Nordic Affect

17. Talk / outro


Sometimes an artist quietly comes along and stays true to their vision after many years, but never registers onto the wider collective consciousness, (sound familiar?) Vladimír Václavek is someone who I highly regard and have deep respect for, for keeping true to his unique vision, having discovered him and Iva Bittova when touring Czechoslovakia in 1989 with Copernicus.

Pretty much totally unknown outside of the Czech Republic, his years with Iva Bittova produced a treasure trove of recordings which are worth checking out, especially ‘Bílé Inferno’ with Iva from ’97 and a solo record from 2003 called ‘Písně nepísně’. His recordings are incredibly hard to track down but anything you might possibly find is a treasure.

Enjoy music.

Enjoy life.


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