Here, hopefully you might find some new music that you might not have known about before.

I like the different, the obscure, the unsung heroes, the musical fringe, and I do like the occasional classic, the long forgotten ones that might be nice to reintroduce into the collective subconscious.

Unlike most other music spots on the web, I wholeheartedly do welcome comments and conversation. A voice for the listener, mine and yours. This is all about celebrating the art of music, with an eye towards the production side of things, and writing a little something about works that have affected me emotionally, spiritually and artistically and the ones that have true meaning in my life. I also do not have it in me to write negative and condescending reviews as some others out there seem to get their rocks off in doing. This is not a place for reviews, but for celebrating the art of music making and aural sculpture.

This blog will hopefully inspire others in a time in our culture where music is being regarded more and more as disposable and meaningless and to allow others to seek out some recordings that might give them a little strength and inspiration, thus giving these works renewed purpose and immortality and also to say a little thanks and gratitude to the artist in return for creating these exceptional works in the first place.

Enjoy music.

Enjoy life.


Mike Fazio, NYC

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Mike Fazio is a composer, guitarist & synthesist, sound artist & recording engineer with a long history of music production and alliances in New York City stretching back to the 1980’s and an avid music-holic with an insatiable desire to explore the perimeters of music. He co-founded the independent label Faith Strange with Jeff Ladd in 1992 to distribute recordings of their band life with the lions (and previously in the 1980’s curated Actualities Tapes, one of the first DIY cassette-based labels) and has since gone on to create and issue recordings of other projects that include works by Chill Faction, Jo Gabriel, Gods Of Electricity (with Thomas Hamlin), A Guide For Reasonorchestramaxfieldparrish  and orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA. Other projects involved with were Black 47, CopernicusElizabeth Gone, and Æ among many others. He is also a member of the international experimental musical alliance ct-collective.


By the end of the 1950’s in Eastern Europe, unemployment approached almost 50%. This challenged the ideology of Communism’s fundamental role of employing the worker en masse and turned it’s purpose on it’s side, thus beginning its questioning and leading to its ultimate overthrow 30 years later.

Today, music has been so devalued by artist’s copyrights being turned on their side and nullified by the advent of instant gratification and entitlement in the age of the internet. This in turn has begun the questioning of it’s role and importance in our society and culture, by both artist and listener.

This has become the most important challenge facing professional musicians and artists in our lifetime.

Will we still have musicians and artists 30 years from now?